About New Face TV Ltd.

New Face TV Ltd. providing professional User Interface design and development on Set-Top Boxes, PC and mobile devices. As well, our company provides any middleware and Set-Top Box integrations for existing User Interface.

New Face TV Ltd. providing applications and Widgets development for any Connected TV, Google TV, IPTV, OTT, HBBTV and more platforms.

Our Facebook Application and YouTube Application currently integrated in few different middlewares as well as standalone versions.


New Face TV Ltd. are GURU in browser based technologies like: HTML, HTML5, DHTML, JavaScript, CSS, CSS3, SVG, CE-HTML. Our company have lot of server side experience with ASP.NET and SQL Server as well.

We developed our own SDP (Software Development Platform), light weight Framework for devices (STB, TV, mobile etc.) and many other applications and tools.

New Face TV Ltd. is now sertified development company for Samsung (SmartTV) and LG (NetCastâ„¢) TV paltforms

New Face TV Ltd. finished sertification process as development company for Ericsson IPTV platform.

History and Experience

New Face TV Ltd. founded in 2007 by Evgeny Kaiko, former Orca Intercative (France Telecom Group) User Interface development team manager.

The company have huge experience in User Interface design and developing for IPTV, Connected TV, OTT and HBBTV based on Set-Top boxes, PC, mobile devices, Apple products and many other TV connected devices.

In 2010 New Face TV Ltd. moved to Toronto, Canada.